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Simple in-product surveys for software product teams. Get contextual feedback from the right users with precise targeting.

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Simple yet Powerful

Filter users by attributes

No-code triggers

Use page view and click events to trigger your survey—no engineering time is required.

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Real-time Dashboard

Quickly visualize results. Share with the team. Identify patterns and spot trends for faster decision-making.

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Customizable look

Get more responses with surveys that look like part of your website. Tailor the appearance to align with your brand.

Filter users by attributes

Accurate Targeting

Leverage user attributes to target specific user groups precisely.

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Logic and Branching

Reduce survey fatigue with dynamic surveys that adapt based on previous responses.

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Bring your whole team

No user-based pricing. Empower your team with actionable insights to build products that users love.

Spark Insights

Your team's research sidekick.

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Ask the right questions

Don't let your survey questions be a shot in the dark. Use our templates or ask AI (coming soon) to help you with generating the right questions.

Open text analysis

Never miss out on critical feedback

Open ened responses are treasure trove of valuable insights. With GPT-powered text analysis, automatically identify common themes, keywords, and emerging trends.

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Integrate with your favorite tools

Use webhooks to send survey responses to your favorite tools. Integrate with Slack, Zapier, Google Sheets, and more.


We've got you covered

Email Surveys

Embed surveys in your email. Send the survey through your preferred email service provider.

Link Surveys

Share the survey link on social media, chat, or any other platform.

Exit Survey

Survey users when they are about to leave your website.

Partial answers

Gather insights even from incomplete surveys. View drop-off rates too.

Conditional Notifications.

Too many notifications? Get notified on Slack for specific or all responses.

Comments in MCQ

Ask for additional information when a user selects a specific choice. Ask for comments on one or all options.

Randomize choices

Avoid first-option bias. Randomize the order of choices for each respondent.

Data Export

Export responses in CSV format for further analysis.


Get finer control. Trigger surveys using JavaScript API.

Know what users think about your product.

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