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6 Product Management books for time strapped PM.

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The best way to learn product management involves a combination of theory, practice, and continuous learning. These days, there are a lot of courses, workshops, and newsletters, but nothing beats on-the-job mentorship and hands-on experience. Books can also help you learn the craft by walking you through many problems across industries and companies. Here are our top recommendations in no particular order.

1. Build Better Products

By Laura Klein

Build better product by Laura Klein

It serves as an excellent foundational guide. It provides practical advice and helps establish a strong understanding of user research, design thinking, and iterative development.

2. Validating Product Ideas

By Tomer Sharon

Validating Product Ideas: Through Lean User Research by Tomer Sharon

It shows easy ways to talk to users, understand what they need, and ensure your ideas are on the right track before spending lots of time and money. This book gives simple steps to test ideas early so you can fix problems fast and make products that people genuinely need and love.

3. Priceless

By William Poundstone

Priceless by William Poundstone

It uncovers the tricks companies use to set prices and how our brains react to them. Understanding these tactics can help you develop a pricing strategy that makes customers feel good about what they’re buying.

4. Traction

By Gabriel Weinberg

Traction by Gabriel Weinberg

Even the greatest of products will die without being able to reach in the hands of paying users. This book discusses different methods and channels to help a business get noticed. The book gives many ideas and helps determine which marketing channel(s) might work best for each product.

5. Naked Statistics

By Charles Wheelan

Naked Statistics by Charles Wheelan

An excellent read for data-driven PMs. It’s a friendly guide to help you understand data and numbers, making it easier to use stats effectively in decision-making.

6. Laws of UX

By Jon Yablonski

Laws of UX by Jon Yablonski

It helps designers and product managers understand how to make things people like using. It’s like a cheat sheet to create products that folks find easy and enjoyable to use, which is super handy for anyone making things for people to use online.

Bonus: Deep Work

By Carl Newport

Deep wrok by Carl Newport

”Deep Work” by Cal Newport holds significant importance for product managers due to its emphasis on cultivating focused and undistracted work. PMs multitask between numerous distractions, and the book’s insights can be transformative.

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